A high velocity plan and temp control

My hubby and I were delighted to purchase a home constructed during the nineteenth century. Although the property had been neglected for quiet a few years and was in major need of repairs, the people I was with and I were prepared for the work. All of us sanded down the hardwood floors, replaced the windows and updated the appliances and fixtures. One of our biggest complications was figuring out heating and cooling. In our local area, the temperature fluctuates from below freezing up into the high eighties. All of us needed to find some way to create a comfortable home year round. The modern home was not equipped with a central ductwork system. All of us were reluctant to tear down the walls and ceilings and sacrifice space to install it. The project would have been drastically fancy, messy and disruptive! For various years, the people I was with and I tried to get by with portable cooling systems and electric space heaters. They failed to handle the drastic weather and downsidely impacted our decor. A little over a year ago, I came across high-velocity systems. This genre of temperature control is designed to retrofit into older homes. It features ductwork that is only 2-inches in diameter and bendy enough to route through existing walls without disfigure. It can bend around plumbing pipes, studs and electrical outlets.The ducts affix to vents that are circular in shape and can be located just about anywhere. The high-velocity plan works by delivering conditioned air at a unquestionably high rate of speed. The quick raise and lower of indoor temperature minimizes running times and helps to keep costs low. Plus, the mini-ducts are insulated to reduce energy losses.


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