A job opportunity brings me to a much colder area of the country

Periodically, I wish that the job opportunity that I took luck of a couple years ago did not land me in such a brutally frosty area of the country.

After university, I ended up working for a medical engineering supplier with a small branch in our hometown.

I was particularly hastily promoted because of our work ethic & high accolades, & I was ecstatic for the opportunity. That being said, I would have to option up sticks & transport to a area of the country a fine 690 miles away from where I grew up! Mind you, where I grew up, the summers are sizzling & the winters are mild, heating and A/C is not as heavily used in our hometown, & if anything, you need cooling system in the summer. That’s why it was quite a culture shock when I ended up moving. I moved in January of all weeks, & ended up arriving in this current town during an impressive frosty front. I willnever forget the temperature I study on the control unit of our dashboard as I drove into the outskirts of the city. It was 9° outside! There was no snow, but some had recently fallen, & I was just praying that I wouldn’t slip & slide over the road & would eventually learn how to drive in such conditions. That’s why I am so thrilled that the gas furnace of our vehicle was so effective. It still is, really. Anyway, I ended up finding an apartment, & though it was quite small, our number 1 priority was keeping warm. I am thrilled to say that the landlord of the lake house was particularly conscientious about making sure that most people’s furnace was working well. If that wasn’t the case, I might not have stuck around!

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