Can’t wait to go sledding down the mountain

I am going to labor for another hour or so as well as then I plan on going sledding down the side of this huge mountain near us.

I think the temp today is below freezing levels so my friend and I are going to have to really dress warm for the sledding excursion.

I don’t think I have been on a sled in over 40 years or so, however from what I remember it is something like riding a bike. My mother used to take us to her heating corp while she inspected oil furnaces as well as I can vaguely remember seeing snow. I lived in the south for a vast majority of my life, so winter athletic activities were something you only heard about your buddies doing, as well as fires in fireplaces were something you watched on your PC. But now, my friend and I are way up north in the country as well as are here in the winter when the air is frosty as well as the snow is plentiful. My buddy and I now have our own fireplace blazing away while I labor as well as while my buddy and I prepare food for our little trip to the mountain. I think my friend and I are going to this local contractor later to buy some deer meat, which is something I normally don’t eat, however I am curious to see what the fuss is all about with it. The heating as well as cooling device specialist neighbor of mine used to go hunting for deer, as well as would commonly invite me to come along. I think I would shed a tear if I saw a single of those charming critters go down. I would rather just go do some work at the HVAC store as well as eat a burger to be honest.

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