Cleaning air filters in old house

Sometimes the bank sends us HVAC technicians to look at a house that has been abandoned to see if the house heating and cooling are still up to date or if we need to install new air conditioning or new heating units in the house.

It can be a tough time but you have to do what you have to do to make money.

Yesterday I had to go to this house on old main street which is about four blocks from where I live to do my next job. The air filters were absolutely disgusting. Sometimes I question what people do to make things just straight gross. Like how did this family get gum in it? There was dog fur in the air filters as well, well I hope it was dog fur. I didn’t really want to clean the air filters but they were washable air filters. I could just buy new air filters but I had time to kill that day and it was really my only job for that day. I just remember cleaning them forever and getting frustrated doing it. My friend called me on the phone asking if I wanted to get lunch but I was dedicated to completing this task. I figured if I can get this done and make sure the heating and cooling system works properly then I can have my afternoon off doing whatever. After cleaning the air filter I tried turning on the heating and cooling system and nothing happened. Then a lightbulb hit, check the breaker box. The issue did lay with the breaker box and after turning that on the heating and cooling system worked like a champ. Another house is done, tomorrow is a new day.


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