Finally investing into central air conditioning

I held off installing central air conditioning for quite a few years.

When I was a new homeowner, I simply couldn’t afford it.

Whole-house cooling is a luxury in my local area. Our summer seasons are short and often chilly, windy and wet. There are times when the heat and humidity can become a problem. The house gets severely overheated and sticky, making it impossible to relax, get comfortable, sleep or be all that productive. I managed with window air conditioners but wasn’t totally satisfied. Installing the cooling unit in the late spring, removing it in the early fall and then carrying it up to the attic for storage was a hassle. The equipment definitely detracted from the curb appeal of the home and blocked my view from the window. Plus, certain rooms would feel nice and cool while others were hot and muggy. If the summer heat was overly severe, the window units struggled to manage demand. When I replaced my furnace, the HVAC contractor recommended upgrading to central air conditioning at the same time. He said that installing both new systems optimizes potential energy efficiency. There were various rebates and special sales that helped to make the cost reasonable. If I had realized how much of an improvement central air conditioning would be, I would have invested in it sooner. The entire house is perfectly cool, no matter how hot and sticky it feels outside. I don’t have to clean as often because the system helps to filter the air. Even when it’s a chilly day, I still run the fan to keep the air circulating and fresh.


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