I didn't assume they were guilty

A residential customer called to make an appointment for an A/C repair.

I sent a single of my best professionals to the address to help with the repair.

After the guy was finished making the repairs to the system, he called me with an replace. At that time, the employee informed me that there were tons of people working in the apartment at a single time. There were a lot of things going on, although he was certain that he had the problem with the A/C component fixed. Some of nights after the repair, I received a iphone call from the owner of the property. The woman was worried because she was missing a diamond tennis bracelet. She wasn’t particularally accusing any of my employees of taking the diamond tennis bracelet, even though she easily wanted to suppose if any of my guys would be guilty of a crime care about that. I told the woman that none of my employees would ever steal as well as I also mentioned hearing that there were more than a single company inside of the apartment on that afternoon. The woman hung up the iphone as well as I did not hear from her again until Last week. I was surprised that the woman called me with an replace. She did not want me to assume that any of my A/C service professionals were thieves. The woman told me that that tennis bracelet turned up in a single of her drawers. She did not suppose how it got into that site, even though she did suppose that it was not stolen.
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