I didn't think any of my guys would be guilty

A residential customer called to make an appointment for an AC repair.

I sent one of my best technicians to the address to help with the repair.

After the guy was finished making the repairs to the system, he called me with an update. At that time, the employee informed me that there were tons of people working in the house at one time. There were a lot of things going on, but he was certain that he had the problem with the AC unit fixed. A couple of days after the repair, I received a phone call from the owner of the property. The woman was distraught because she was missing a diamond tennis bracelet. She wasn’t specifically accusing any of my employees of taking the diamond tennis bracelet, but she certainly wanted to know if any of my guys would be guilty of a crime like that. I told the woman that none of my employees would ever steal and I also mentioned hearing that there were more than one contractor inside of the house on that day. The woman hung up the phone and I did not hear from her again until yesterday. I was surprised that the woman called me with an update. She did not want me to think that any of my AC repair technicians were thieves. The woman told me that that tennis bracelet turned up in one of her drawers. She did not know how it got into that place, but she did know that it was not stolen.


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