I don’t mind just splitting wood for the fireplace

It seems as though we are going to be cutting a pretty good amount of wood this month to stay warm.

The bunch of us have a cottage in the woods plus are going to just hang out plus unwind for a while.

There is no WIFI plus I am doing this writing work offline plus will upload it when we get back the following week. I just need to watch my spelling because there is no autocorrect when actually working offline. I basically have the month off from working for the heating appliance business even though I am still doing some writing work to acquire extra money. The bunch of us brought our food for the month so that we can save money plus time shopping for food, as there are truly few local businesses around here that sell food at a reasonable price. The bunch of us have a ton of trees out back plus a lot of them have huge branches that broke off, which we can use in the fireplace after a bit of sawing plus cutting. I actually enjoy splitting wood because it is wonderful cardio plus gets you out in nature for a while. I think there is an oil heating appliance in each room of the cottage but they told me that it hasn’t worked in over 25 years. I could truly repair it if I tested it for a while, even though I would rather spend my time outside cutting wood plus enjoying nature. I used to repair central heating appliances when I was an HVAC specialist but it has been a long time since doing so.


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