I love the autumn, especially when I don't need to use much HVAC

There’s just something about autumn that I absolutely adore! This is the beginning of all the holidays and festivities that I have come to enjoy over the years.

I guess I’m just not much of a summer person and spring is just too warm for me.

I like the weather when it’s cool and crisp with low humidity. During such times of the year, I barely employ the use of my HVAC system. That is another thing that I truly enjoy about the fall season. This is a time of year in which I barely need to use heating or air conditioning. Thus, I can save money on my energy bills. It just feels so delightful during most of the fall where I live. If anything, I end up opening the windows whenever I’m home for the day in the autumn. It feels so good! Now, when it’s cold and rainy on an autumn evening, then I’ll turn up the heat a little bit. That can be quite enjoyable as well! I’ll make some mulled, spiced hot cider or simply some herbal tea and cozy up on my couch with a good book or some show that I like to watch. Yes, I don’t need much during the fall to be happy. Admittedly though, I don’t mess around when it comes to ensuring that my heating and air conditioning system is well-maintained. After all, whereas most of the time, fall is indeed crisp and chilly, it can occasionally be brutally cold in these parts of the country. Thus, in order to ensure that my heating system is ready for the cold parts of the year, I call out an HVAC technician all the way back in late August to work on my heating unit. Yes, Old Man Winter can decide to stake his claim quite early in these parts, and it’s best to be prepared!

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