I prefer the Autumn, especially when I don't need to use much Heating and A/C

There’s just something about Autumn that I really adore! This is the beginning of all the holidays & festivities that I have come to prefer over the years, but i suppose I am just not much of a summer time man & Springtime is just too sizzling for me.

I enjoy the weather when it’s cool & crisp with low humidity, but during such times of the year, I barely emscheme the use of our Heating and A/C system, however that is another thing that I really prefer about the fall season.

This is a time of year in which I barely need to use heating or cooling system. Thus, I can save money on our energy bills. It just feels so delightful during most of the fall where I live. If anything, I end up opening the windows whenever I am lake house for the day in the Autumn. It feels so good! Now, when it’s frosty & rainy on an Autumn night, then I willturn up the heat a little bit. That can be quite good as well! I willmake some mulled, spiced overheated cider or simply some herbal Coke & cozy up on our couch with a fine book or some show that I enjoy to watch! Yes, I don’t need much during the fall to be thrilled; Admittedly though, I don’t mess around when it comes to ensuring that our heating & cooling system is well-maintained. After all, whereas most of the time, fall is indeed crisp & chilly, it can occasionally be brutally frosty in these parts of the country. Thus, in order to ensure that our gas furnace is ready for the frosty parts of the year, I call out an Heating and A/C business all the way back in late October to work on our heating unit. Yes, Old Man Wintertide can decide to stake his claim quite early in these parts, & it’s best to be prepared!

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