I was inspired by the advanced cooling system

I was going to see my cousin who I had not seen in many years.

  • She had recently moved down to my state to live with her husband, and they were hoping to start a family soon.

I didn’t visit her right away when she first moved down here, because I heard her and her husband were pretty busy with the move and renovating the home. It probably took them an entire month to fully move everything in their home and to renovate the things they were going to renovate. When they were done, I brought cookies over as a welcome home gift. My cousin and I hugged, and she told me all about the brand new things she installed in the home. One being the beautiful cherry wood flooring, which was stunning, as well as she repainted. The thing she was the most proud of was their brand new HVAC method. They had the old central HVAC taken out and a cooling worker installed the most efficient and modern cooling device they could afford. It was extremely powerful for a cooling unit, and it felt more like a powerful fan than your regular HVAC machine. I was actually pretty inspired. Whether it be the cool smart thermostat they had installed, or the powerful central A/C unit, I found myself wanting to call the HVAC corporation to install these same machines! However, I lived in an apartment, and I could not do such upgrades, however, I could dream of my future home with all of the awesome upgrades.
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