My father enjoys his fireplace

There is no other arena you can find Grandpa when every one of us are at the log apartment besides the fireplace sipping on his coffee.

This man enjoys the heat. If every one of us are at home, hotel, motel or wherever you can find him cranking the dial thermostat to a minimum of 68 degrees. He told myself and others as soon as he hit 77 years old he has been constantly chilly as well as he feels he gets colder every year. So every year he ages as well as so does the thermostat temperature. So if he hits 100 I will never be in the same room as this man. Heck even 70 degrees. I barely can handle this however I kind of am ok with it. Only concern is if I bring my friends with myself and others over as well as arena checkers with my Grandpa they all get very whiny as well as don’t want to stay long. I can’t very blame them though. If i wasn’t used to it I would be whiny myself. My Grandma pays no attention to it as it reminds his of their honeymoon ages ago when they went to the Bahamas. She just sits there as well as hums some songs as well as smiles. I care about that they are in their comfort as well as just enjoying what they have. I let the fireplace die out 1 night after Grandpa fell asleep in his chair. I can say he slept for care about 5 minutes as well as then he was in a temper. You yelled you had 1 job Michael as well as that was to throw on a couple logs. Overall he doesn’t get angry with myself and others however I suppose not to mess with him either.