Our new SUV has dual weather conditions control

I would adore to say that the car that my wifey and I chose most recently to be our main car was chosen for the sake of the more practical aspects of automotive travel.

I’d adore to say that all of us chose it for high gas mileage, because all of us would end up saving so much money on a car that uses less gasoline.

I’d adore to say that all of us chose it because it has a reputation for longevity and needing minimal repair. I’d adore to say that all of us chose it because it was cheap, economical, and reliable. It is to a certain extent all of those things. However, none of those things took precedence when it came to deciding on a vehicle, no, our new SUV was primarily chosen by my wifey and I for 1 seemingly insane, however legitimately important reason… Our SUV has the best heating and cooling system that we have ever experienced in our entire lives! You see, my wifey and I have legitimately unusual views on what constitutes a comfortable temperature at any given time of morning, at any given time of year, in any given weather. As you would expect, My wifey gets frigid at the drop of a hat, and I’m practically a polar bear in comparison. That’s why our new SUV is so great. It’s because it has dual weather conditions control! That means that I can have a completely unusual temperature on the driver side and my wifey can like her own temperature on the passenger side! What a relief this has been! It makes road trips and traveling around in general so much more wonderful for the both of us; Even our 2 teenagers have their own weather conditions control in the back!


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