Repairs should have been completed in the heat

I went to school to become a teacher so I could help children.

I wanted to change plus mold young minds.

I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children everywhere, unfortunately, there are a lot of politics involved in the school system, and occasionally it drives me so crazy that I do not want to teach anymore. This year I was supposed to be teaching inside of a classroom plus they have me outside in a portable building instead. I am genuinely frustrated about being in the portable building, because there is only 1 single ductless heating plus cooling system. The ductless heating plus cooling program doesn’t properly cool the space due to the fact that there are leaks plus holes everywhere. I complained to the principal about the heating plus cooling program plus all of the air that the people I was with and I were losing due to the poor ventilation plus holes in the walls. She told me that she could call someone to make repairs, however they were going to be made while I was in the classroom; Did I genuinely want the repair supplier in the classroom while I was trying to teach a lesson plan? The repair should have been completed in the summer time when there wasn’t anyone here. These old portable buildings have been here for 10 years; Everyone complains about the hot plus cold temperatures plus no 1 wants to work in them. I do not guess why I got stuck in 1 of these classrooms, however I am start to think that our time at this school has genuinely come to an end.

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