Splitting the wood for the fireplace is fun

It looks like we are going to be chopping a great deal of wood this week to stay warm.

Every one of us has a lake property in the woods and are going to just hang out and unwind for a while.

There is no Wi-Fi and I am doing this writing work offline and will upload it when we get back this upcoming week. I just need to watch my spelling because there is no autocorrect working offline in this manner, but I have the week off from working for the heating company despite the fact that I am still doing some writing work to receive extra money. Every one of us ended up bringing our food for the week so that we can save money and time shopping for food, as there are genuinely few local companies around here that sell food at a pretty amazing price. Every one of us has a ton of trees out back and a fair amount of them have large branches that broke off, which we can use in the fireplace after a bit of sawing and chopping. I don’t mind chopping wood because it is amazing cardio and gets you out in nature. I think there is oil heating equipment in each room of the lake property however they told me that it hasn’t worked in over 25 years. I could probably service it if I inspected it for a while, despite the fact that I would rather spend my time outside chopping wood and appreciating nature. I used to service central gas heating equipment when I was a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C expert however it has been a long time since doing so.

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