The benefits of a whole-house air purifier

My local area experiences temperature swings from negative twenty-five up to the low nineties.

Our weather forecast regularly calls for sleet, hail, snow, high winds, high humidity, thunderstorms, rain, freezing rain and blizzard conditions.

We switch from running the furnace to relying on the air conditioner with very little break in-between. The opportunity to open the windows and bring in some fresh air is rare. Because of the high cost of heating and cooling, I’ve taken every precaution to tighten up my home and prevent energy waste. I’ve added insulation to the walls, ceilings and attic, paying particular attention to power outlets and plumbing pipes. I’ve installed ceiling fans to help distribute the heat during the winter and create a cooling effect during the summer. I regularly walk around and look for spots that might need caulk or weatherstripping. Thermal-lined curtains help to prevent energy losses from the windows during the colder months. My efforts have helped to lessen demands on the heating and cooling system. However, the tightly sealed house traps contaminants inside. The air becomes stuffy, musty and polluted. Everything from the family dog to cleaning, cooking and pesticides contribute to air quality concerns. I worry about my family’s health. The solution was the installation of an air purifier. The air quality accessory is incorporated right into the heating/cooling unit to treat the air as it passes through and provide improvement for the entire house. It works to trap particulates, eliminate odors and kill pathogens such as mold spores, viruses and bacteria. I don’t have to clean as often, the house smells fresher and I’ve noticed that my family suffers from fewer colds, coughs and headaches.


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