The furnace quit working

Last weekend whenever I was at church, the heating method stopped working right in the middle of our 11 AM service; everyone was packed into the building because it was snowing outside and the temperature was legitimately chilly outside, but my friend and I were having a special program that the youngsters were doing so everyone was there… I also think that it was the most crowded that it has ever been and it’s a fine thing, too, because my friend and I legitimately needed all of the body heat in order to keep the temperature up there! The chilly weather just kept getting worse outside and by the time the repair was over, there was snow piled up everywhere.

It was some of the worst weather that I have ever seen around here, honestly. I know that everyone was gleeful to see the program that the youngsters were doing, although I entirely felt that everyone should have just stayed at home because of all of the bad weather. The repair woman who does all of the work at the church was downstairs in the furnace room trying to fix the furnace, although she couldn’t figure out what the issue was. By the time the repair was over, it was absolutely cooling down a lot inside of the building and people were getting cold. Everyone was pulling their coats on and families were snuggling up to each other. The heating method just wasn’t cooperating though. I think they ended up having to call the commercial heating and air conditioning corporation to come and do some repair work on the furnace, however hopefully it will be fixed this weekend.

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