The rooms had no thermostats.

I was looking for my very first house ever, and I wanted a small cottage.

After months of looking, I saw what I thought was going to be my perfect home.

It had shuttered windows, and I was anxious to see the inside. When I walked into the house, it was beautiful. They decorated it in whites and blues, and they transported it from a beach front and put it in the perfect place, which is right where I live. I looked through every room and had to ask the realtor what was wrong with it? The price was perfect. The location was perfect. The house seemed to be perfect. She told me the HVAC was only five years old, but the house was small. The owners didn’t think it was necessary to have zone control in the house. I couldn’t believe that all the rooms had no thermostats. The only room with a thermostat wasn’t a room, but the hallway to the rest of the house. Although it was cold outside, it was still warm in the house. I hadn’t noticed a single draft, or chilly spot. I wondered if I really needed zone control, but with zone control also came ductwork. I asked about the air conditioning, and she there wasn’t any. I wanted the house so badly, but first I wanted to know what it would cost to have ductless HVAC installed. If the ductless HVAC could be covered by lowering the price by 5%, I was buying it. Other than the lack of AC and zone control, the house was absolutely perfect.


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