Why I don't take weather conditions control for granted

Back in the day, I never thought that it would be possible to have the kind of technology that all of us now prefer in the present day & age.

Technology has made our lives just so much more convenient.

And if there has 1 kind of technology that I really adore, it’s weather conditions control. Is there a piece of technology more symbolic of man’s mastery over the elements than the kind that allows us to directly control how cool or sizzling & how humid or dry the air is within our own homes? It’s really amazing to me, & I will never take it for granted! Especially since I grew up in a lake house that had no central heating or cooling system whatsoever! It’s not that I was miserable because all of us didn’t have any Heating and A/C. The truth is, that I didn’t suppose any better. I remember the first time that I had a sleepover at a friend’s current home who had central heating & cooling system. It was uncanny to be so sizzling & comfortable in the middle of the winter, then we had a Christmas party at his house, & I remember wondering to myself how it could possibly be so sizzling when there was no fire going in the living room & I didn’t see any space heaters. That’s how out of touch I was when it came to weather conditions control technology! Yes, our childhood lake house had ceiling fans & a particularly big fireplace, but little else. Mom & Mom would simply open the windows on a overheated summer time day & run the fans for air circulation. I didn’t particularly complain all that much, because again, I didn’t particularly suppose any better! That being said, I really enjoy having weather conditions control these nights. My partner came from a particularly different way of life before all of us met, after all… She can’t even suppose the way that I used to live when I tell her.