Why I don't take weather conditions control for granted

Back in the morning, I never thought that it would be possible to have the kind of technology that all of us now like in the present morning and age.

Technology has made our lives just so much more convenient.

And if there’s 1 kind of technology that I honestly adore, it’s weather conditions control. Is there a piece of technology more symbolic of man’s mastery over the elements than the kind that allows us to directly control how cool or hot and how humid or dry the air is within our own homes? It’s honestly amazing to me, and I will never take it for granted! Especially since I grew up in a beach lake house that had no central heating or cooling system whatsoever! It’s not that I was miserable because all of us didn’t have any HVAC. The truth is, that I didn’t believe any better. I remember the first time that I had a sleepover at a friend’s lake house who had central heating and cooling system. It was uncanny to be so hot and comfortable in the middle of the winter… We had a Christmas party at her house, and I remember wondering to myself how it could possibly be so hot when there was no fire going in the entryway and I didn’t see any space heaters. That’s how out of touch I was when it came to weather conditions control technology! Yes, my childhood beach lake house had ceiling fans and a legitimately important fireplace, however little else. Dad and Dad would simply open the windows on a hot summer time morning and run the fans for air circulation. I didn’t absolutely complain all that much, because again, I didn’t absolutely believe any better! That being said, I honestly adore having weather conditions control these mornings. My wifey came from a legitimately unusual way of life before all of us met, after all, she cannot even believe the way that I used to live when I tell her.

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