Additional ways to save this summer on cooling

Recently, I’ve been mulling over ways to lower the cost of cooling during the upcoming hot summer.

So I made a call to the HVAC company I’ve been working with for the past 20 years yesterday.

The residential HVAC system in this home was actually installed by them. The property was largely purchased “as is” when we purchased it. The seller simply desired to sell the house and move on. However, there were numerous issues that needed to be resolved. We saved tens of thousands of dollars because we were willing to replace the heating and cooling system as well as make numerous other improvements. Unexpectedly, I was able to enlist the assistance of family, friends, and professionals to get the place renovated exactly how we wanted it. We still employ the HVAC company we selected. And yesterday I made the appointment for the air conditioner tune-up by calling the HVAC company. This is a yearly ritual for me and the cornerstone of my air conditioning cost-cutting plan. We experience a particularly hot and humid summer. Therefore, you must monitor the thermostat, maintain a tight seal in the house, and prevent peak sunlight heating. These are the fundamentals. But I also enjoy adding fresh and novel advice to the mix. I’m going to use the grill outside this summer instead of heating up the house at all. With all that heat energy, the stove and oven really do reduce the heat pump’s efficiency. When it comes to increasing the savings on air conditioning costs, this could be a big deal for us.

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