Air conditioning for a treehouse?

It’s funny how we can end up doing things as adults that were dreams when we were kids. For me, I grew up in circumstances that weren’t all that good so I had plenty of dreams that had to wait to be fulfilled, then my mom was a single mother plus my friend and I were quite poor. The home my friend and I lived in didn’t even have a new central air conditioner. Instead, there was a wood stove for heating plus fans for cooling in the summer. I didn’t prefer a/c until after I graduated school, even though my dorm room didn’t have central air. There was a large boiler in that dorm building which provided intense radiant heating all winter. There would be so much heating coming from the radiators that we’d have to crack a window! No, my first a/c was inside the home I had after school. And that was a heat pump that had seen better afternoons. Once I got cemented in my job plus became a homeowner, I made sure that I had some good quality heating and air. But I also started making some other childhood dreams come true. It may sound weird, butI ended up building a treehouse. This is something I had always wanted but never had. There were these perfect oak trees on my property that would be the perfect base for a cool tree house. I love this treehouse. I even had a ductless heat pump installed so I have air conditioning in this dream home! I;m sure this sounds silly, but it’s way better than a man cave to me.
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