Changing the HVAC system enhances the immune response

I have never given much thought to how I take care of myself. And when it comes to one’s body, that is utterly the incorrect attitude. I’m not sure why, but I seem to have overlooked some fairly fundamental aspects of good living. In contrast, I worked excessively and spent more time in the office’s commercial HVAC system than in my own. I put a lot of focus and effort into the work I do for a living, which I love. But there must be a balance, and I only recently realized that. You can’t just sit around your house and office for decades heating and cooling your butt. Health, wellness, and a sense of balance in one’s life must be taken into account. After becoming seriously ill, I changed my behavior. After working too hard for too long, my body simply rebelled and I developed pneumonia. I had never been sicker than I was at the time. And I spent nearly a month away from the office’s zone-controlled HVAC system. But during that month, I vowed to change my ways and put my health first. Surprisingly, my home’s HVAC system is assisting me in achieving that. The heating and cooling systems support immune function and respiratory health. To replace the inexpensive air filters I previously used for the HVAC equipment, I installed a HEPA filter. I now have an air filter that is purifying the air by eliminating almost all of the contaminants in the indoor air. My respiratory health has improved noticeably, which has boosted my immune response.

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