Coming home to my own air conditioning

I think that’s the first thing that always hits me whenever I have come back from overseas on a visit. As soon as I walk off the plane, I’m hit with all sorts of air conditioning. Normally, I have come home once a year to see my parents who still live down south where I was raised. And each time, I end up freezing because I don’t have access to any sort of residential HVAC where I live. It’s a developing country where the climate is so hot and humid. Shoot, there’s really not any commercial HVAC to speak of either. I think one of the government building I work inside has a swamp cooler. That’s an evaporative cooler that helps lower the temperature a bit. But it does nothing when it comes to humidity balance. The residential HVAC in this country takes care of both cooling the house down and balancing the humidity level in the house. I guess this is something that I’m going to have to embrace now that I’m back in this country for good. I spent 25 years abroad and now, I’m going to be in the states until I retire. So that means having a house. This will be the first time for me as a homeowner. I found a place but it needs plenty of work. Since it’s in my price range, I’m going for it. The first thing I’m doing is meeting with the HVAC contractor to decide on the new residential HVAC. I’m leaning toward going with the ductless heat pumps. I like their efficiency and the fact that I can set them separately. This is going to be a real change for me but I think I’m up to it.


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