Commercial roofing repairs aren’t cheap

I have been laboring as a commercial roofing contractor for the past 18 years, however i know exactly what it takes to put a roof together from the smallest parts all the way to the redprints on the table.

I am one of the fastest people in the supplier to supply estimates, so I am often the person that is sent to commercial businesses. I can look at a roof and entirely determine what needs to be done to service the complications. I have easily looked at 10,000 unusual roofing complications during my work. I went to speak with a commercial roofing service purchaser who wanted me to provide them an estimate on some repairs at their used car dealership. I wrote down all of the information for that estimate on a piece of paper and I gave a copy of the information to the person in charge at the used car dealership and I kept a copy for myself, then very few of mornings later, I got a call from the owner of the used car dealership, then the guy was furious because he thought that my estimate for the commercial roofing repairs was too expensive. He tried to get me to do the repairs for thousands of dollars less than I quoted, and there was no way that I could come down on the price. He even tried to tell me that someone else was going to do the task for less. I knew that my buddy and I were going to spend at least a week on the commercial roofing repairs and the labor and materials aren’t cheap. I had to be firm in the estimate that I provided even if the supplier owner chose a unusual supplier.


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