HVAC technician handles surprise I overlooked

Undoubtedly, I was eager to stop living in apartments and purchase a home.

And in my haste to leave my apartment and move into my new place, I overlooked a significant heating and cooling issue.

I was aware that the central air conditioning system needed to be replaced because it was out-of-date. However, I kind of messed up when it came to the ductwork. I was rushing because my lease was about to expire while I was in the middle of purchasing my home. So I was attempting to move things along quickly. Prior to the sale, the house had been inspected. It responded with a long list of things that needed to be addressed. But I was aware that for a very long time, this place would have to be a complete work in progress. But I was ready to make that sacrifice in order to leave my apartment and begin accumulating some equity. My only goal was to make the space livable first. I would then take care of all the other things that required renovation. I therefore began with what I believed to be merely an upgrade to the heating and cooling system. But it was evident that the ductwork was damaged when the HVAC contractor performed the inspection during his first visit. This surprised me, and when I looked back, I discovered that my haste caused me to overlook it on the home inspection report. However, this HVAC expert had this surprise completely covered. By installing a ductless multi split system as opposed to replacing the ductwork and the HVAC unit, he was able to keep my HVAC upgrade budget intact.


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