I remember when every one of us didn’t need a/c.

I told him it was something every one of us were used to.

Last summer, our youngsters were complaining because the a/c wasn’t laboring well. I thought they were whining about nothing. I had called the HVAC supplier, and they were going to be there in more than one afternoons, unless every one of us called and told them the a/c wasn’t laboring at all, then both of us were sitting in the living the next day, and our son was complaining it was too hot to sit there. It was seventy-two, and the humidity was low. I looked at him and told him I remembered when every one of us didn’t have a/c. He rolled his eyep and responded that I truly remembered walking many miles to school in the snow and going uphill both ways. I walked to school, however it was less than a mile. I told him our mom and dad could not afford to put a/c in our house. Both of us had a coal oil furnace that worked really well, and that was all every one of us had for comfort. Air conditioning was so high-priced, so every one of us had fans in every room pulling the heat out instead of blowing the heat in. He thought I was kidding, however something changed his mind. He asked how every one of us slept. I told him it was something every one of us were used to. Both of us seldom had blankets over us, however the sheet helped to keep us cool. Both of us had fans in the ceiling to pull the heat up to the ceiling and fans in the windows to pull the heat out, dad didn’t put a/c into the home until the oil furnace died. He had a central HVAC method in the home more than one years after I met his dad.

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