Life made better with air purification

I don’t like getting stuck in some closed places with the sort of indoor air that’s basically assaulting our senses.

This is just a single of the most unattractive scenarios.

But it never fails that I find myself stuck in a single of these sites. And it doesn’t matter whether I’m inside the central air of a house or the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of business. Stinky indoor air is just waiting around the corner to punch you in the face. And there actually isn’t all that much a person can do in those situations, but, grin and bear it. I’d actually enjoy it if I had the courage to send those sites with the terrible indoor air conditions a note about air purification. For sure, I’m going to continue to run into sites where the HVAC component is not helping wash the air. But at our house, the component is actively cleaning the air. And I’m not just referring to the HEPA filter either. While we do use this sort of air filter for the equipment, I’m talking about a category of air cleaner that works inside the unit. This is the category of air cleaner that uses ultraviolet light to eradicate all airborne contaminants from the air. Thankfully, this results in perfect indoor air conditions – and never smelly, obnoxious indoor air. The whole home air purification plan is the real deal! This thing is the luxury SUV of the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment world. For sure, it takes a bit of an investment. But isn’t our health and well-being worth spending a bit more? For us, the answer has been yes, yes and a hundred times yes!
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