Putting ductless heat pumps in first apartment

I truthfully can’t know that I walked into this deal for our first home, prior to the pandemic, I was just on the cusp of having enough to finally get out of apartment life & HVAC device that was older than I was; I was looking forward to paying a mortgage & not just writing a rent check! The method of having the privacy of our own loft was also charming.

I’d shared the central A/C of our parent’s home.

Then I shared the radiant heating inside a dorm room for more than three years, however and finally, I shared floor, ceiling & walls with neighbors in our apartment, and so getting our own venue was thrilling to think about & it was oh so close to reality. Then the pandemic hit which was followed by an explosion in the real estate market in our area. This was so disheartening because I figured it would be years before I could crack that real estate market! But then, this apartment almost fell in our lap; Out of nowhere, a colleague turned myself and others on to this venue. It was section of his relatives estate & they wanted to just get rid of it as is. The price was incredible but it did come with plenty of work. The first thing I did was to get some toiling heating & cooling equipment. Since the ductwork was as poor off as the rest of the HVAC equipment, I went with ductless heat pumps & I’m blissful that I did. These things produce good quality heating & air at a far lower cost than traditional central A/C thanks to awesome efficiency. I’m blissful with the ductless heat pumps & the privacy of living in our own home.


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