They set up portable shower containers for the victims.

With all the storms that rolled through our part lately, there were numerous people displaced from their homes, they had portable housing set up everywhere there was level and dry property, however along with the portable housing, they had to have plenty of portable restrooms and portable showers containers, then i would have never guessed how numerous evacuees there would be, then being part of the emergency team in our area, I took on the task of calling around and getting all the portable restrooms and portable shower containers we could get our hands on.

Along with all the water, there was the complication over bacteria that could cause contamination and sickness.

There were barrels of fresh drinking water, a portable living room to keep food on hand for workers and evacuees, and numerous other things we hadn’t considered. It took less than a week to have everything in place, and we a twenty acre fairground ready to take in entire families of evacuees, my friend and I separated families from other families and had enough portable restrooms and portable shower containers, so no one had to wait too long, however with the rain still coming down, we didn’t want children waiting outside in the mud, when they needed the restrooms hastily. The children, their mothers, and the elderly were our first concern. When the rain quits coming down, and there is a dry spell in sight, we’ll be helping to get people back into their homes. I have a feeling our portable housing will be in use for several months before all of our guests are back in permanent homes.

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