We should just get rid of the window AC units.

Once we had central air conditioning installed, I didn’t think we needed to hang on to the old window air conditioning units.

  • I told my husband I was going to put them in the newspaper and try to get some of our money back.

He didn’t think this was a wise thing to do. He asked me what we were going to do if the central air conditioning didn’t work well. The central air conditioning unit had better work so well that it would feel like winter instead of summer. If it didn’t work well this summer, the HVAC company was going to pay to have it replaced. I wanted to get rid of the window air conditioning units. He told me we may need them for the upstairs bedrooms. The HVAC technician told us that since we didn’t get excellent to those two rooms, we probably would have poor air conditioning. I frowned, knowing he may be right, but I didn’t want the window air conditioning units in the windows all winter long. I knew there was insulation around them, but there was still a small draft. That was one reason we installed central air conditioning. My husband kept coming up with odd reasons to keep them, but the only reason I had was to use them in the upstairs bedrooms. He promised he would carry them upstairs, and we could store them in the closets until we needed them. As much as I hated to admit it, he was probably right. I helped him carry the air conditioning units upstairs, and we tucked them away in a closet.

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