We went down south but there was no air conditioning

We went down south a couple of weeks ago but there was no air conditioning in the place where we stayed.

I still don’t know how we ended up booking a place to stay that didn’t have air conditioning.

Apparently, we didn’t read the description of the house closely enough. I was not prepared mentally to stay in a house without air conditioning, that’s for sure. I was really upset about it. I was probably madder at my husband for booking this place than I probably should have been, but I am just not someone who does well in the heat without air conditioning! The bad thing about it was that it’s not even all that hot down there yet. The temperatures were in the mid 70s while we were there. They haven’t really even started heating up for the summer yet, and I was still sweaty and uncomfortable the whole time that we were there. Several times, I just went out to the car so that I could roll up the windows and sit there with the air conditioning vents turned on me while it ran full blast. My husband told me that I was just being overly dramatic. Of course, that didn’t help! That just made me more angry with him than ever. I just know that the next time we have to go on a trip somewhere, I am going to be the one booking the house or the hotel. After this air conditioning fiasco, my husband has lost all of his trip planning privileges for us!


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