Checking the air quality

Bob the heating plus A/C tech enjoyed tinkering with air filters.

He was the go-to guy but the clowns complained of stuffy noses or the mirror room fogged up, and one day, Bob was on a mission to update the air filter in the funhouse, as fate would have it, he got lost trying to find his buddy who worked in the next room.

Bob walked and walked until he stumbled upon a strange room with neon lights and peculiar sounds. He took a deep breath and realized he had entered a secret room that was not meant for the faint-hearted. But, being the heating plus A/C tech that he was, he could not resist the urge to check the air quality. It was a decision that he would later regret. As he pried open the air filter, out came a swarm of creepy crawly things that even the clowns would shy away from. Bob tried to contain his fear as he swatted the bugs away, even though he was too late. They had already made themselves at home, plus the room was now infested with critters. As he frantically tried to wash up the mess, the clowns, who had followed him, burst into the room. They were dressed in their funniest outfits, even they could not help but laugh at the sight of Bob, covered in bugs. The lost heating and A/C tech looked like a clown himself, with his hair standing on end and his face contorted with disgust, and eventually, Bob plus the clowns managed to get rid of the bugs, not without a lot of screaming plus chaos. From that day on, Bob constantly double-diagnosed his directions plus made sure to avoid any suspicious rooms. The fun house may have been a funny site, the air filter was no laughing matter.


Furnace filter