Cooling down in March

It is still pretty cool out this morning, but by the start of the afternoon the temps will warm up again.

I did my cold swim this morning in the sea and I know that the cold swims won’t be around much longer as summer will soon be rolling in and warming up the sea once again.

I think I have about one more month of cold water and then the seas will be warm and I will probably not do the dips anymore because they won’t have the therapeutic effects I am looking for. The water is heating up each day and I will probably try cooling down with a cold shower instead of a dip in the sea. I like to take a cold water immersion each morning so that it wakes me up and fuels me for the rest of the day. I am still running my furnace in the morning to heat the home up, but soon it will be the a/c going in the flat. My friend is hosting a volleyball tournament in a couple weeks and asked if I was going to play, but I told him that my days of playing are pretty much done because my knees are worn out and need replacing. I’ve been playing ball longer than I have been in the HVAC field, and I think it is time to hang up the boots and put all of my energy into music in the local business to see where it’ll go. I think in a year we can really do some cool things.


a/c professional