Four fireplaces to clean today

I am thawing out in my office after spending 15 minutes in the ocean this morning.

I do my positive affirmations when I am in the sea while I stare at the sun for warmth.

The water can be bone chilling cold and looking at the sun seems to give me some warmth, even if it is only in my mind. I like to tell myself things that I would like to have in my life while I soak in the cold sea, it seems to give my day some direction and also gives me hope for the future. Fireplace cleaning is the task for today, as my local contractor boss gave me a handful of them to work on this week. Once I am done with that I am going to work on some stuff in my house and get things fixed up around here for the coming spring. I need to replace my hot water heater, but I am waiting for the new one to arrive first before I disconnect the old electric furnace and get rid of it. Something shorted in it a few weeks ago and it kept tripping the breaker in the living room, so now it is on its way out to make way for a brand new unit. The HVAC company down the street had a sale on all of the gas and electric boilers and so we bought one from them and are waiting for it to be delivered this week. It could even come today, but we need to wait and see if it arrives.

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