Fun time with the propane boiler

Well, Monday has rolled around once again and the world keeps on spinning. It is 11:11 and my wish is to be doing gigs all around the country with my bandmate by the end of 2025. That would make 20 years in the entertainment field and I think I would be ready to rock by that point. Maybe we can do it faster than that, but at the latest I want to be touring in an RV doing shows for good money by then. I also would like to have a few albums under our belt and air conditioning wherever we go in the summertime and good heating during the winter tours to the ski lodges in the mountains. I don’t think that is too much to ask for in two more years, especially after 20 years of hard work in both comedy and music. I’ve done like 1500 shows in climate controlled bars and sometimes in very hot bars with no a/c to cool me down. All of those years of toiling in the comedy scene have really helped me with this new music venture I’ve been on for a year now. We both work for the HVAC business and will keep doing it until our music takes off in a year or two. I think we should be making good money by then and having a blast with our zany songs and fun stage antics. I will miss my HVAC tech friends and the days of working for the heating company, but it is time to chase the dreams.

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