Good air quality and pollen

I thought I was coming down with a cold or something last Friday as I had no energy and my throat was starting to hurt some.

But after a couple more days I discovered it was allergies from the pollen in the trees, so now I have begun taking some pills to stop the symptoms and they seem to be working quite well.

I got them from my neighbors above me and I need to go to the pharmacy later today to buy some more to give back to them. I will take them and run the whole home air purifier all of the time to keep this pollen out of my home and out of my body. This past weekend I had zero energy and I know it is because my body was fighting these allergies, so now I have a little help from the antihistamines and hopefully I’ll be fine soon. It is nice having a HEPA filter in my air purifying system because it really keeps out all of that pollen and dust that can come in from the outside. Today I am going to try and hit the beach later if it isn’t windy and get a little bit of sun with my friend. I think that the heating corp is open today and I want to go there to grab an a/c filter because it is starting to get warm out and we will have to run the a/c system pretty soon. I just want my allergies to go away soon so I can get back my energy.

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