Hands heating up after cooling down

My hands are numb and stingy right now after going in the freezing water this morning.

It was especially tough to do today because it was windy and cold out there, and there was also no sun to be seen.

We are going to play some music tonight at sunset with a few of us musicians, and hopefully the sun will be out to give us a bit of heat. It will be two singers, a guitar player, a tambourine man, and me the drummer. Actually it is just three people but we each do a lot of things. HVAC is needed this morning because of the cold temps, so I have my gas furnace going and keeping me warm right now. My hands still need to warm up some because they are numb and it is tough to type fast when I can’t feel my fingers. I am finally feeling like cleaning my HEPA filter today in the main heating and cooling unit, as the past week I was sick and didn’t feel like doing much of anything except sleep. I will still take a nap this afternoon so I can recharge my batteries before we go jam in the streets. I think the local business is going to have us do a show in their air conditioned club this summer, but right now it is still pretty slow in our town and the local contractor is still working on their place. I will go talk with the owner this weekend to make sure they are still on for us performing there.


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