HVAC worker was lost

Bob, the heating plus A/C professional, was just going about his business as he made his way down to the basement to update an air filter.

He had no idea that this official operation would develop into a fun adventure, and that Bob would become lost in the maze of pipes plus ducts.

As he began to remove the old filter, Bob’s attention was abruptly diverted by a mysterious sound coming from behind a nearby wall. Being the curious type, he decided to investigate and, before he knew it, he had stumbled into what could only be described as an heating plus A/C funhouse, which he did not forget about the recent incident he was in. The pipes and ducts twisted plus turned, leading Bob in circles as he tried to find his way out. Every time he thought he had found the right path, he would come face to face with a dead end or a closed door. As the minutes ticked by, Bob’s frustration turned to desperation as he realized he was lost. He tried calling for help, however the only response he got was the echoing sound of his own voice bouncing off the walls. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Bob stumbled upon a door that led him back to the basement. He emerged, hot and disheveled, but relieved to have finally found his way out. Bob made a point of bringing a map plus a compass with him every time he went down to the basement after that. Yet, while he got lost in the heating plus A/C funhouse that day, he never lost his sense of humor about it.

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