Keeping up with filter swings for heating system plus AC

They aren’t all that expensive

I am undoubtedly conscientious about the upkeep of important house appliances plus systems. I make sure to drain the water furnace every year to minimize the buildup of sediment. I schedule professional dryer vent cleaning to reduce the risk of fire, maximize the unit’s efficiency plus extend its service life. Along with enrolling into a service plan with a local Heating plus A/C corporation for the heating system plus cooling system, I make sure to change the filters every month. The air filter serves as a barrier between contaminants plus the inner workings of the heating plus cooling units… Once the filter becomes dirty plus clogged, dust plus other pollutants get inside the system, settle on components plus restrict airflow. The heating system plus cooling system are required to run longer plus more often. Operation consumes more energy, causes higher energy bills plus increases the risk of malfunction. A heating system or cooling system that runs with a dirty filter won’t give as effective temperature control plus won’t last as long. There’s also the risk of contaminated indoor air quality, which can be blamed for all sorts of health problems, then when the heating plus cooling system was initially installed, I worried that replacing the air filters would be a strenuous plus time-consuming job. I’ve since realized that the job takes less than a minute. I turn two tiny levers to open the access panel. I detach the outdated filter, slide a current one into place plus close the panel. I buy the filters at the local hardware store. They aren’t all that expensive. I make sure to keep a supply of filters on hand plus have set a reminder on my iphone so that I never forget.


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