Looking into current boiler possibilities

Over the past couple of winters, I’ve needed to schedule repairs for my boiler; Although the complications have been fairly minor, the cost has started to add up, however i’m distraught that the heating system is going to fail during blizzard conditions, when the outside temperature is in the downside digits, and be too expensive to fix, then since the heating system is over fifteen years old, I guess it’s time to update it, the yearly utility bills have gotten steadily higher, and I’m not totally satisfied with comfort.

I’m suspicious that the boiler is to blame for the frequent need to dust and vacuum plus complications with headaches, coughing and sneezing. I’ve been looking into the boilers currently on the market. Although the top-of-the-line systems are plenty extravagant, they offer up to 98% AFUE ratings. These advanced units feature adaptable-speed technology, allowing automatic adjustment of output to match the needs of the home, and by running at lower capacity, the boiler trims running costs, maintains more consistent comfort and does a better job of filtering out contaminants. There are also fewer problems with unreasonable humidity, but modern boilers are much quieter, safer and more environmentally friendly, rather than be left with no heat and in a rush to get a current boiler installed, I plan to schedule updatement over the summer. I’ve already spoken with a local Heating and A/C contractor and arranged an appointment for a free estimate. I want to find out more about possibilities such as zone control. I am willing to spend more to minimize carbon footprint and yearly expenses.