The hotel had wonderful cooling

The last time i had to stay at a hotel on business during the summer time months of the year it was good.

I have to say that I was pretty grateful that the hotel had some of the best and top of the line air conditioning around! With the temperatures being well over one hundred degrees, it was very important that the hotel had quality air conditioning in it.

Otherwise I do not know what I would have done. I may had gone out and bought a portable air conditioning system of some sort just to make it through, or I may have requested that I be moved to another hotel by the company that I work for. But thankfully none of that had to come into play because the hotel had the very best, brand new, up to date and extremely powerful commercial heating and air conditioning system unit that cooled the entire hotel plus the rooms! Again, I was very grateful for this. I would stay at this hotel again any day after experiencing the great indoor comfort that I did at this place. There is nothing like the most perfect indoor comfort at a hotel when it is super hot or super cold outside. You need to have regulated temperatures inside no matter what if you want to keep your customers happy in any hotel in the world. Some hotels do not do such a good job at this while others do. I was just lucky that I was able to stay at a hotel where they had everything under control.


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