The rental home has perfect Air Conditioning

My wifey Kim and I have been searching for a new house in the inner town for about 2 weeks now.

It hasn’t particularly been much of a journey but Kim and I want the perfect locale but also a locale that is in our price range.

Kim and I wouldn’t mind spending more money if Kim and I found a great locale that gave more than what a house could provide. Kim and I looked at 6 locales and Kim and I were pretty much done and were going to option a locale Kim and I were not exactly excited with but the market wasn’t good on apartments, but Kim and I looked at 1 more which was available last minute, the 7th apartment. In the worst case, Kim and I had a locale ready for us! Lucky number 7, this locale was amazing from the get go. The view of the city was great, it was within walking distance from a lot of the pizzerias and the landlord had done a ton of renovation to the apartment. He updated the windows, flooring and put in a new Heating & Air Conditioning system! He has all the receipts of what the Heating & Air Conditioning system that the heating and cooling specialist from the Heating & Air Conditioning company did. The cool thing is that he installed a new smart thermostat. I could control the heating and cooling from our iPhone which is pretty neat. He particularly impressed Kim and I and the price range was a little higher than Kim and I liked but my associate and I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. So I asked him, “where do Kim and I sign.” He smiled knowing he did a good task with the house and said, “it only took the first people to look at it and they already want it.”

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