Waiting for local business to slow down

I need to get some stuff for my salad but normally at noon it is really packed with people.

So I am going to try and wait two more hours because it seems that around that time there is almost nobody in the stores.

Maybe it is because people take siestas here in the middle of the afternoon, or something along those lines. I am good with eating lunch at 3pm, I just need to ignore these hunger pangs for two more hours. I will take my salad to the shore and watch the waves as I eat. My cooling device is going to need to be cleaned soon because the heat is coming and we will need some climate control pretty soon in the flat. I also bought a small fan for my bedroom so that I can avoid turning on the main system and using a ton of energy to cool down my bedroom at night while I sleep. I think I can avoid using the air con for another few months at night, but when June gets here we are going to have to run the a/c during the night. I don’t like to sleep in a warm room because I am a hot sleeper and if I am sweating too much I can’t sleep at all. I may even buy a mini split a/c unit for my room to save some money on our cooling costs, as my roommate likes it a bit more on the warmer side while she sleeps. It will all work out mm. l.fine.

New heating