Counting on residential Heating

I truthfully don’t mind the heat during the Summer.

The older I get, the less the heat bothers me! I’m not sure just exactly why that is however that seems to be the case, but it’s not like I’m disconnecting the heat pump either.

It’s now May which is essentially the last call for fantastic temperatures for like four months once August rolls around. I haven’t had the air conditioning on however a handful of times thus far this Spring. But there are mornings where the temperatures get up there during the peak heating hours of the morning! And if I’m not inside the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning at work, after that I might pop on the air conditioning for a bit just to cool off the apartment a little, but soon though, the air conditioning will be on & the apartment will be sealed up for the Summer. I keep a good seal on the apartment in order to maximize the efficiency of the heat pump, and pulling the curtains during the morning is also essential when it comes to reducing cooling costs, however direct sunlight heating is a big deal here in the Summer so I make sure the solar shades are down every morning. But the air conditioning is going to be on all Summer because the humidity will begin to rise & combine with the heat. That can be a miserable combination. Thankfully, the heat pump is balancing the humidity & moisture level as the air conditioning is on. That’s a charming thing because the cooling air inside my apartment feels crisp & dry. And the humidity balancing also reduces the choice of mold & mildew as well.
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