Ductless heat pump was answer to financial squeeze

The answer was sort of right in front of us the whole time.

It’s just that we couldn’t see it.

But when we did, it was a sweet relief. Like a lot of other families across the globe, we went through our fair share of adjustments when the pandemic was raging. I got sent home from the zone controlled HVAC of the office to work from home. And that came with no bonuses and a pay cut for like 18 months. Yet, I was still able to work inside the air conditioning of our home that first Summer. My wife was as lucky as she lost her job completely. That’s when the panic nearly got the best of us. Her paycheck was just about half of our income and it was now suddenly gone. The home we own together comes with a mortgage that was right at the edge of our finances. And now the unthinkable had happened. It’s not like she could just apply and find work because nobody was hiring. My wife was able to get some gig work online and work alongside me inside the central air conditioning. But that didn’t come close to helping us make ends meet. We thought we were going to have to sell the house. When the answer came, it was like a bolt of the blue for both of us. The basement was finished and had its own entrance and a bathroom with a shower. All we had to do was have the HVAC company come out and install a ductless heat pump down there and we could rent it out. That ductless heat pump might have saved our home.
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