I just wanted to make the air conditioner nice

I was working hard in the garden when I decided to inspect the air conditioner.

It lost its luster and was dented where branches had fallen over the winter.

I felt the same way about it as I do about my garden, it needed some TLC. After finishing up in the garden, I came inside to get my paints out. I drew a line of flowers across the bottom and some clouds across the top. The outdoor air conditioner was a pretty representation of a country sky with clouds and blooming flowers in a sunny yellow color scheme. The president of the homeowners association didn’t share my opinion of how well I did. He threatened me with a fine unless I removed the paint from the air conditioner. I told him to have fun with me. Many of my neighbors were impressed by my work, and one of them even asked if I would paint their air conditioner for them. When he made the request, the president knelt down nearby. In less than ten minutes, I had six requests to decorate AC units. A man reportedly asked if we were all going to be enjoyable to him. He promised everyone in the neighborhood a good time if they’d just let me paint their air conditioners. The vast majority of them had a good time as they stood and told me how they wanted their air conditioners painted while laughing. Over the course of the next week, I painted twelve AC units, and one of the owners paid our fines. He had been HOA president for two years, and he told me they had stupid rules. He forked over the cash for the tickets but donated it to a cause that worked for everyone.

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