Mom thought the Heating, as well as A/C specialist, was swindling her

Last week when the Heating and Air Conditioning technician visited the house, mom was not pleased.

After completing the maintenance on the air conditioner, he informed her that she would need a new fan blade and something else she had never heard of.

She invited me over because she knew I was right next door. She was concerned that the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was trying to take advantage of her because of her diminished hearing. I told him that mom has trouble hearing and that I needed him to fill me in on what was going on when I got there. He pointed out the crooked fan blade and explained that it was beyond repair. He then went on to discuss the minor tweak that was required. After giving me a quote, he got mom talking. She felt the bill was inflated. She observed him conducting extensive mathematical calculations on the paperwork and wandering the house. He apologized for his blurry vision, explaining that he had left his glasses at home. He explained that he was trying to reduce my mom’s bill as much as possible. Even though she initially doubted him, Mom discovered that he had actually saved her nearly $100 after reviewing his records. I thanked him for his help and asked that he get in touch with me as soon as the AC components arrived. I gave him my business card. I told him not to take his mother seriously and that I would pay the bill. He laughed and claimed he didn’t give any of her advice any weight.


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