My a/c business

My Heating and Air Conditioning business owner told us that he used to find all kinds of stuff in the HVAC duct at his customers’ houses.

At first when he told us this, I really thought that he was joking.

I had never heard about anyone ever hiding anything in the HVAC duct before. I thought that was just for the films and for stories in books and things like that. However, my Heating and Air Conditioning business owner swore to us that it was true because he finds stuff in the HVAC duct of his older customers all the time. He said that usually it’s his older customers who refuse to put their money into banks. They seem to always be the ones who want to hide their money in the ventilation ducts for some reason. I know they just have trust troubles or something, but whatever the reason is I think that it’s pretty funny. I never would have thought to hide things in the HVAC duct in my own home! Of course, I don’t absolutely have anything that is easily overpriced either. Maybe if I had some gold coins or expensive jewelry or a lot of money then I would look for a good hiding place in the house. As it is, I have about six or so dollars in my purse right now and that is going to have to last me till payday. I am still working on paying the Heating and Air Conditioning repair bills from the last time when the Heating and Air Conditioning business worker told me that story about the HVAC duct! Maybe eventually I will end up with something that’s worth hiding in the air vents, though.



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