My air conditioner filters went down in price surprisingly

Virtually nothing out of my current rotation of products has gone down in price in the last year or so.

Practically everything has gone up in price and is continuing to go up in price as time has gone on. I don’t know of any cases of reverse inflation or deflation. I think gas has gone up and down a few times, but it’s already back up to just shy of $4 a gallon in my area. That makes it really hard for me to budget driving out of town to get groceries or to stop at other types of stores or businesses. I can’t visit my friends either. Most of them live at least 20 minutes away from me and that’s a huge expense with gas. They’re all hurting from inflation too. I think everyone right now around my age is struggling financially. The one thing that did go down in price recently though is my air conditioner filters. They had gone up and by at least 30% of their original price, but then just recently they dropped by $2 of peace. It’s not a huge decrease and it definitely does not bring them back to their original price, but it’s much better than what it used to be. If the air conditioner filter stays at this price or goes down even further, things will be much better than they were for my HVAC expenses. I still have to pay high electricity costs just to keep the air conditioner running though. That’s going to stay the same for the foreseeable future.

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